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Papa Sangre: The First Public Playtest

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Yesterday was an excellent day for Team Papa. The first in a series of playtests (this time for the good people of Apple and 4iP) we took over Channel 4’s Drum for nachos, beer and games.

With the glorious Alex Barrow on the accordion, proceedings kicked off with a few rounds of Sangre Y Patatas, the theatre game that inspired Papa Sangre. The rules are simple:

– Wear blindfolds
– One person is killer (‘Sangre’) and the others are prey (‘Patatas’)
– Keep moving
– If you bump into someone you have to greet them with your name – either Sangre or Patatas
– If you are Patatas and you hear Sangre you are dead, and may die as theatrically as you like and retire to the fringes
– The winner is the last Patatas standing

New games included hanging bells and Doritos on the floor as sound hazards. This gave everyone a look into the game world of Papa Sangre; a place where every step matters, where you have to listen and creep in a darkness so dark if you lit a match it would be invisible. And of course it was a good warm up for the ears:

Thanks to everyone who came along, and played both Papa Sangre and Sangre Y Patatas… we have some excellent feedback and playtesting notes to work with. And sorry to those that were freaked by Fluttery-wutteries whispering in their ears or Snufflehogs idly picking at their brains.