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Monday, March 8th, 2010

This afternoon Nick, Paul and I were joined by Christer and Martina AKA Lundahl & Seiti. We encountered the lovely duo in search of a microphone in the shape of a human head, but after meeting them discovered that they have much more to offer than mere equipment hire.

The first time we met they (politely) refused to describe to me exactly what they did, preferring instead to demonstrate it. I was led into our large Black Room Studio here at Somethin’ Else, instructed to put on a pair of goggles (letting in light but basically blindfolding me) and a pair of headphones. They played a 10-15 minute sound file, recorded at 4am in what sounds like a playground with binaural voices and effects.

Throughout the adventure the duo use the space they are moving in, different types of illusion, touch and sound to create something that defies description. The experience was as surprising as it was wonderful and I found myself clumsily thanking them a lot.

Today was the turn of Paul and Nick for the L&S treatment and both absolutely loved it. Martina and Christer have over a decade of experience in sound art—often choreographed and with binaural audio—for audiences all over the world.

Their current project asks some serious questions about how the sense of self itself is created through stimulus — serious shizznit — and in that they’re working with Henrik Ehrsson from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm who can make you feel like a doll’s fingers are attached to you. He was featured in a recent BBC Horizon programme … here’s some more about Henrik from the Beeb.

We really want to find a way to work with them on Papa (fingers crossed it will work out) but in the meantime if you ever come across their work make sure you take time to put the headphones on and turn off your eyes.